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Temperature gauge on cluster no longer works - 84 VT500

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Fellow VT500 Owners. First the bike, 1984 VT500.

My temperature gauge on instrument cluster no longer works. The radiator fan works just fine it's just the temp gauge no longer moves. I have some ideas (replacing the fan sensor switch and or cleaning) but before I go taking things apart, I thought I would ask the forum if they have run into similar issues and what they did to resolve this. Thanks for your time and assistance.


Bypassing the sensor should tell you if it's the gauge or the sensor.

Great 👍 tu. Are you suggesting to disconnect  the sensor from the switch and short it to the  ground? Then I would think the temperature gauge (once turned on) should move all the way to the right?

That would certainly be away to see what is working and what is not. I will say disconnecting the wire from the sensor is going to be problematic as it is in a tight snug area.

Forum -- can the OEM temperature gauge simply be replaced with another one (37450-mf8-0080). That is, is the temperature gauge sealed and therefore cannot be replaced? I was thinking instead of purchasing the whole instrument cluster ---  if  the part can be replaced, it just makes more sense (cost savings as well). I would think this would be doable seeing as there is a part # for the OEM temperature gauge, I was just wondering is this is true or not. So to summarize:

(1) has anybody repaired their temperature gauge by hiring an electrical nut and having the resistors replaced?
(2) is the temperature gauge sealed and therefore cannot be replaced? That is the only solution is to buy the entire instrument cluster?
(3) seeing as there is a part (37450-mf8-0080) for the temp gauge, maybe it's a simple as just opening it up, gutting the old and putting in the new. Is that true?

Of course there is the other option, TrailTech as another resolution --- which just might make the most sense.

Let me know.....thanks forum.

If the parts sheet shows the temp gauge as a seperate part then it can be replaced.
Interested to know how you tested the gauge to confirm that it was stuffed.


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