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Temperature gauge on cluster no longer works - 84 VT500

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Couple of ways that I was able to diagnose the temp gauge -- my mechanic also confirmed my tests.

(1) Multi-meter no register; nine volt battery at the end of the temp gauge -- no movement as well
(2) Disconnect temp gauge from thermo sensor switch then short it to the ground -- no movement of temp gauge
(3) Replace thermo sensor --- same results with temperature gauge --- no movement

She is kaput.....

Thanks. I'll try that idea next time.

See attached, here’s what part 37450-MF8-008 looks like ready for install. If it’s doesn’t work I have a backup plan — I’ll just swap out the whole cluster, I have that as well. Forum if the temp gauge 37450-MF8-008 part works, then I will not be needing the cluster and it will offer it first to this group.

Hi, here is what happened to mine .... When I got it, it was a basket case, apart from all the other issues, yes my temp gauge did not work. I took it apart and found the Bi-metallic strip had broken in half, that's the part that makes it work. As I am a qualified Instrument tech, easy, buy a cheap, modern, 2" temp gauge from Ebay ($9.29 AUD). Pull the old one out and toss it, install new one (with the sensor it came with). Had to modify the plastic instrument case for the new one to fit, drill some new holes and I removed the half bezel so could see the entire new gauge, only thing is it was sideways (same orientation as the std gauge), but at least it had numbers on it which I checked the calibration and was quite accurate. Here are some pics...
Pic 1. getting ready to pull all apart, you will be able to find new gauges like this all over ebay (Chinese)
Pic 2. both movements removed, you can see the difference, if you understand the technology you can tell the age.
Pic 3. installation complete.
I think I may have also had to play around with some of the internal barriers so the background illumination lights did not interfere with the speedo.
As I said I am qualified to do this, been doing it all my career so it was second nature for me, sounds like you indicated you might need someone to help, unfortunately I am in Australia and you are probably in north America somewhere.
I think I stayed with the sideways orientation because 1 or 2 of the holes for the terminals lined up and I only had to drill one more maybe, was some time ago, but with a little more work you can get it to sit properly.
So if you are prepared to go ahead with it Yes it does work. Good Luck

Thanks great information.  Question per your pictures it looks like you performed the work with the cluster intact and not removed. Is that true? Did you simply removed the top cover and remove/disconnect the temperature gauge from that vantage point? As I have the exact part I would hope it would be just as simple as a swap and off I go. Let me know if my pedestrian view is correct or not. 


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