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General Technical / Re: A Simple Plastic Welding Technique....
« Last post by Keemani 06 on September 12, 2022, 03:13:49 pm »
You have shared great idea for simple welding. It seems to me less time taking too. :)

This video was posted on the Yahoo Ascot Owners Group & I was impressed with the simplicity & usefullness of the procedure displayed. Check it out & see if it doesn't help you repair some broken plastic sometime.

Good luck
Tech Section / Re: Removing Coolant tank
« Last post by Bucko on August 04, 2022, 05:25:11 pm »
I've never done it, but I believe removing the coolant tank is a bit of a chore.  Before you start taking stuff off the VT500FT (just a technicality, but both the VT500FT and VT500C are 'Shadows' - I assume your spare bike is a C model) - are you sure the coolant tanks are the same?

Not sure the VT and C exhaust are compatible, as the Ascot would lake the mounting points for the C's left side muffler.  It's pretty common for people to hack off the Ascot's power chamber as it was seen as a way, with some jetting changes, to get a few extra HP (not sure if there actually is any more HP with that mod). And in any case, the power chamber is prone to rusting - particularly where the centerstand bumper hits it - so lots of folks have cut them off and welded a patch over the hole simply because the power chamber had rusted through.

You may want to explore if the Ascot muffler fits the C model power chamber, then, depending on the internals of that power chamber, cut the left side muffler stub off that power chamber and weld a patch there - that seems to be what was done to the Ascot factory power chamber. 
Tech Section / Removing Coolant tank
« Last post by DaleNYS on August 04, 2022, 04:13:56 pm »
I am the new owner of a VT500 Ascot.  Owned an FT500, but sold it to someone who would use it more, as it was not the best bike for 65 mph interstate riding. I have a Shadow VT500 parts bike.  The Ascot had a substitute coolant tank that was just a plastic bottle zip tied to the lower rear engine mount.  In order to remove the coolant tank from the parts bike, I had to remove a lot of parts.  I ended up taking the battery box, tool kit holder, air box, and rear wheel off. It appeared to be the only way to get to all the bolts and pull the airbox out through the back.  Before I start taking apart the good bike, did I need to take all this stuff off?
     Also, the Shadow pipes have a heat guard where it comes close to the coolant tank. The Ascot no longer has this guard and the tab on the pipe is missing and a small hole welded shut.  I am certain that the shield is important for the life of the tank.  Can I just the swap the rear pipe from the Shadow?  I could use the whole  Shadow exhaust system if necessary.  It has what I would call a "muffler" or "expansion" box after the pipes join.   This box on the Ascot has been cut off and a plate welded over the opening.  Is this wise?  Would re-jetting have been necessary?
      Lastly, the Clymer manual was of no use is explaining how to remove the coolant tank.  I found an old post on this site that had a link to a copy of the Honda factory service manual, but I could not get it to open and download.  Is there a newer link somewhere?    Thanks.
Welcome / Hi! First bike!
« Last post by Proudy202 on August 01, 2022, 11:09:31 am »
Hi, I'm about to pickup an '84 VT500 with 42k miles and has been sat inside for 20years got it for $500

This will be my first bike and the plan is to refresh it over winter to then ride next year.
I'm buying it from a work colleague and he's going to confirm it runs this weekend. Assuming the engine runs my plan will be to bareframe refurb it, replacing everything short of taking the motor apart.

New wheel and stem bearings, fork seals/rebuild, brake caliper and master rebuild, carb rebuild etc

Im mechanically minded and have worked on my own cars for the last 15years so pretty comfortable with doing all the work.

Anything specific to look out for and recommendations on where to source parts? Googe brings up plenty of options but I want to make sure I'm getting good quality rather than cheaply made that I'll need to replace sooner rather than later....a source for genuine Honda parts would be good if they still support these old bikes?

Thanks and look forward to using this forum to help me out along the way.
General Technical / Re: How To Locate An Ascot To Buy...
« Last post by tgill on July 22, 2022, 12:17:28 am »
Where are you located? 
Cool Rides & Adventures... / Re: Weekend ride
« Last post by murdo on July 18, 2022, 02:21:13 am »
Went on the local clubs rally ride and look what parked next to me. This is the first white FT I have ever seen, all the others have been red or black.
Tech Section / Re: 520 chain conversion
« Last post by murdo on July 18, 2022, 02:17:26 am »
Have now completed the conversion (after a break for medical problems) and used a VT250 15 tooth front and a 39 tooth rear that I machined down to the 520 size in my lathe. I fitted an O ring chain and bike runs smoothly and very little rev drop from standard (about 200 rpm at 100Km/h (60mph)) and chains will now be cheaper and easier to find.
Tech Section / Re: Ignition Coil Interchangeability
« Last post by Son_of_a_sailor91 on July 04, 2022, 08:50:27 am »
Based on what I can find online it seems Honda switched the XL500 to 12V in '82. The coil I ordered says it's for an '82 or '83 so it should be from a 12v system.
Tech Section / Re: Ignition Coil Interchangeability
« Last post by murdo on July 04, 2022, 03:55:01 am »
Is the XL500 6 or 12 volt system?
The B.S. & Off Topic Board / Re: Brand New 40 Year Old Honda
« Last post by J6G1Z on July 04, 2022, 12:38:49 am »

Poor bike deserves a better home.
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