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Just brought her home - VT500
« on: May 30, 2015, 09:25:45 am »
I have been Jones'n to get a bike to run around on. It's been a while for me since getting divorced and starting a new life. I made $500 by getting an old Bonneville Special running for my brother, so that was my purchase limit. Well, I got word of a $500 bike that a fellow worker had taking up floor space in his garage. I just brought her home. She is a 1984 VT500 Ascot. She has only 10,000 miles on her and has been garage kept most of her life. Her paint is in very good condition and she has mild pitting on what little chrome there is.

Supposedly she has an electrical switch issue going on. The former owner added an on/off switch and a starter button into the side of the headlamp housing. That is why the headlamp is out. Along with the turn signal stays being broken. Apparently, he lost interest and did not finish. So, I need to get a new battery, change the fluids, clean the carbs, and top it all off with the 10,000 mile service list.

I have a lot of experience  working on bikes and such but, any advice on this particular machine will be more than welcome.

Always Jones'n