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Brrrr... It's Cold Outside!!!

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It's warmed up to the 40+ range right now & I'm back to wearing shorts outside. It's the regular ole rainy & gloomy weather that everyone thinks about if you've been up to the Pacific Northwest in the winter. The winter temperatures are usually fairly mild except for these cold snaps that blow in from time to time. Winter riding probably isn't too bad if you don't mind getting wet. Most of my bikes are "dry pavement queens" except for possibly my VT Ascot. She's been outside in the rain off & on most of it's life before she came to me. I just prefer to stay on dry pavement if possible.

Anyone else been out riding lately? The desert folks should be in some prime riding weather about now.


Joe D.:
I took a short ride the other day, it was 41 and sunny. I really need to invest in some heated grips though, only part of me that gets cold is my hands.


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