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Title: 19" front and rear - tracker style
Post by: greenjeans on June 02, 2017, 10:36:22 am
Since I'm having a hard time locating some K180 tires to fit these rims, I'm contemplating lacing up some new ones.  I like spokes anyway.  I do have a few calls and emails in to Dunlop/Goodyear.

Anyway, I'm thinking some Honda dirt bike (CR XR) hubs and lacing them to some 19" hoops - F&R.  I think I'll use the new Shinko flat track tires as they are pretty inexpensive, readily available, and DOT legal.
Hopefully, all that I'll have to do is machine a carrier for the brake discs & sprocket/disc.  I could fit an MX swingarm, but I'm pretty sure the stock swinger would be fine. 

I think I want different forks too.  Still researching that.   Seems like I have opened a can of worms.
Stay tuned.