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Signal lights VT 500



I have a problem that has stumped me.  I'm not much of a electrical troubleshooter. 
My front running lights work, but when I shift the signal switch to the left or right, they go out.  Nothing works in back.

I have gone through the entire harness and connections, and checked the bulbs.  I did have them working once, but only for a short time.

I do not know how to test the signal relay.

Any thoughts?

The front running light to the side you're turning is supposed to go out when the flashing light comes on so it seems like your running lights are working as expected but your flashing lights are not.  It could be the 'flasher' element in the front bulbs are shot and the rear bulbs are shot but I suspect it's your flasher that is shot and your bulbs are fine.  Flashers are cheap to replace - any 12v automotive flasher with the right connections will do - you don't need one from Honda.

Thank you, Bucko
The Napa NF 550 flasher fixed the problem nicely. 


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