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Water Pump - oil leak


Hello Ascot friends,

Recently I have notice a few drops of oil emanating from the bottom of the Water Pump. When the bike is on the kickstand this occurs, if the bike is on the center stand .. no so much. Well seeing as the bike is 34 years old I suspect the gasket (19226-MF5-000) between the water pump casing has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. However based on my investigation there is another o-ring (91302-MB0-013) as well as and oil seal (91201-MB0-000) that also may be going bad. 

Just wanted to poll the forum to see what there experiences have been with this issue. It seems to me if it's just the main gasket than I should leave the others alone....but since you've gotten this far, perhaps changing them all out is not a bad idea. I would imagine though, a higher maintenance level would be needed to replace the seals & rings that are closer to the crankcase.

I'm old school, "only fix it if it needs to be fixed". Let me know -- thanks.

P.S. I also have the neutral switch shaft seal as well...JIC it needs to be replaced.

I have had the O ring leak on my CBR250r as after 30+ years it had gone hard and shrunk. The shaft seal should be ok, it is to stop oil getting into the pump, so the O ring would my first thing to change. Get an original Honda part if you can as I tried some from the bearing shop without success, only the Honda part stopped the drip.

Forum well bad news, the oil leak is emanating from just behind the water pump impeller (white seal); just my luck.. Unfortunately this side of the water pump is closer to the crankcase and unless I'm mistaken, the engine needs to be removed in order to complete the repair. In all likelihood, since the engine is going to have to be removed, I will buy a new/refurbished water pump instead of just overhauling the problem areas. It just makes more sense.

Ok forum, let me know if you have also run into this issue and how you resolve it. I believe I'm correct in the removal of the engine is required in order to replace the water pump. Let me know otherwise.


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