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Anyone have issues with MAC exhaust?


So, needed to replace entire exhaust system, ordered a new MAC chrome set. The front pipe is almost an inch too long fitting into cylinder, so that the collar does not even reach the studs. Have tried for 2 weeks to get response from MAC, even talked to Manny there, still no satisfaction to get a replacement. Anyone else had this issue of not fitting correctly?

Have not heard of any problems before. I've owned two sets over the years & they fit. Have you tried the phone?

Good luck

Oh yeah, by "even talked to Manny there", that was a phone conversation. What is irksome is not even acknowledging me, I didn't know if they were checking or not. Today, I talked to "JR", he was good enough to go measure their inventory and we determined the pipe I have is correct, the issue is the studs in my cylinder were replaced with shorter ones. and since I didn't get the bike with pipes on it, I didn't notice this discrepancy, I will get longer studs, and all is well.

Was really nice of the guys at Mac to take the time to help you out. Above and beyond! Sounds like a good group of guys. I have built many bikes and it is GREAT to have a company out there that makes aftermarket pipes especially for old bikes. It is fun to build your own but sometimes alot easier, quicker and cheaper to just purchase a set. Need to keep these kinda guys around!


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