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Found a parts source in the Netherlands


I know there seems to be fewer and fewer of us VT buffs out there, and almost no sources of some parts. I tried the Honda shops used parts places and web sellers for a few bits and came across (Consolidate Motor Spares). I needed a clutch cable and some bits that do not show as available on 4 US sites. Reasonable prices and I got my order within a week of ordering, and that is from the Netherlands! So, if you are really searching try them out, same basic search system to order as others.

You probably already know that there is some interchange with the VT500 Shadow also.


Hi Guys, I also use the CMSNL site, but only for finding the actual Honda part number as it is very extensive. I do use WEMOTO for purchasing as they are more competitive on price.

I have bought from both CMS and Wemoto with no problems, and also David Silver Spares has a lot of old Honda stuff too.


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