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Back from the deceased


Well in a continuing series of unfortunate financial decisions I bought another Ascot today.

You may remember me from such Ascots as the one I already have with the Thumperstuff Header, Supertrapp exhaust, GSXR radial master cylinder and HEL braided lines.

I still have it.

Now I have this nightmare.

It's an 82. The ad didn't say it came with brake calipers and it didn't.  Most of the wiring harness is missing. So are the side covers. The rear subframe is bent and the fork seals are blown out. So are the rear shocks. The handlebars are rusted through and I just spend the days staring at it pondering what brought me to this point in my life but I hope to make something out of it.

So if anyone has a decent condition wiring harness hit me up.

I just couldn't stay away...

Kind of like rescuing a stray dog.

Good to see you back. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


Well, the van looks nice!

Good luck with the project. If it doen't work out, it's not as if you've ruined a reliable runner!


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