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My VT500FT Ascot running again, first time since 2012 - Fuel Line Question


Long story short, I learned how to ride in 2007 (late bloomer, busy playing with cars). 
Once I had my license, I learned of an Ascot sitting under a shed at a friends barn.  Title in hand, a mutual friend parked it there 5-6 years prior and stopped riding.  The farmer said anyone could have it.

We rebuilt the carbs, put on fresh rubber, changed the fluid, battery etc... it fired right up.  I rode it for a number of years until the gas tank started to leak in 2012.  I parked it, and finally returned to the project this spring.

The fuel system was missing, so I cobbled something up back in 2008 and in the process of fixing the tank, lost those parts.  I ordered a replacement petcock and realized I'm missing a special hose since the nipple on the petcock is a lot smaller than the feed line to the carbs.

I knew what I did was a bad idea, but I wanted to get things fired up to make sure it would still work.  I simply put the larger hose over the smaller nipple and torqued it down.....yes it leaks LOL

So....what do I need here????  I'm off to the store to find something that will reduce to a smaller fuel line.  That must be what I did last time, no idea....

Or is this because I should have the vacuum actuated petcock?  Does that have a larger feed nipple???

I do apologize, I know better than to rev the snot out of a motor that's been sitting this long, but I got excited.

Push a smaller/thinner piece of plastic hose over the nipple first to increase the diameter to fit the rubber hose.

Good idea, I've done similar things before.  I guess I was just curious what was "supposed" to be there.

Using a worm clamp torqued down actually fixed the leak, but I still don't like the setup.

Put about 10 miles on it today, runs awesome.  Really feeling bad for letting her sit for so long......


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