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For sale - MAC High Performance 2 into 2 Flat Tracker Pipes (chrome)


Hi forum per chance anybody interested in a nice set of Chrome MAC High Performance 2 into 2 Flat Tracker Pipes? $215 plus shipping (? prob at least $60) is what I’m asking 1/2 price of what they are new. If no takers off to eBay it goes.

I live in Denver so if you want to save on shipping, you know the drill.


I may be interested, but need to get an Ascot that has not been started since 2003 running first.  I should know within a week.  Are they new or used?

Otherwise, list them as you please.  Thanks,

I had the black ceramic coated version of that exhaust system on my first Ascot back in '88-'89. Really allows the engine to rev quicker. I'm told that the "race" baffles actually have a better tone & are a bit more quiet than the "street" baffles.

Increase the main jets 2 sizes & consider one of these air filters:


They were put on the bike once so they are used but in new condition. When I purchased the motorcycle they were given to me. As I always wanted to keep the bike stock I never used them. I’ll put them on eBay this evening.

Update pipes have been sold.


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