Author Topic: VT500FT exhaust Valve NLA  (Read 19238 times)


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VT500FT exhaust Valve NLA
« on: May 21, 2019, 06:44:16 pm »
I have a Vt500Ft that I've pulled the heads off to replace one of the intake valves (i'll get to that), so I'm replacing them all. I want to replace the exhaust valves also, but my machinist can't find the parts, and neither can I (searching the web and some specific valve makers). The exhaust valve PN is 14721-MF5-000.  Its a 33mm valve from what I know. 

it should be similar to the NT650 valve, since these engines are basically the same, with a longer stroke. The NT650 Valve is available and was used on the VT600 and VT750. But I'm not sure of the differences. Does anybody know about the VT600/NT650 valves vs the VT500Ft valves? Length? Stem diameter, valve diameter?

My problem is that one of the intake valve tops (upper tip) was damaged and formed itself into the shape of a cone and the adjustor formed the reverse cone (interior). Probably some bad metal on one of the two and they started eating into each other. So I had to pull off the rear head, which meant pulling the engine out of the frame, so I decided to get all the valves changed. 13K mile used bike i picked up last fall. The heads are at my machinist getting redone, with a new mild cam from MegaCycle Cams (for the NT-650).


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Re: VT500FT exhaust Valve NLA
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2019, 04:15:10 pm »
I have used valve lash caps on my vintage Triumph race bike when it beat down the top of the valve stem,Do not know if it would work on your bike ,they make them in all sizes dia ,thinkness ect the ones I used where from a Gagiva 650 but many tractors and such use them. they are used in many applications