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my name is Danny. Im new to ascots, but i've had several bikes and do most of the work myself. Bikes I've had were mostly sportsbikes (r6, fzr600/1000, gsxr1000, Fireblade sc33) but I also had an Honda xl600. Now I'm a bit more grown up (30..) and i own a '96 BMW r1100gs.
A friend of mine is getting his licence, and fell in love with a '84 vt500ft. Unfortunately the owner also had an deregistered burn-victim in his shed, which gave me a very sad feeling in my tummy. We decided to make a nice deal and took the two of them home.

The deal is that i'll help my friend to tune up his fron suspension (hypepro springs, oil & seals), and I get the burnvictim with the deep hunger for TLC.

My plan is to recover it, get it registered again and to costumize it to my liking.

I've added some pics, but will probably start a tread for the bike-project itsself.

this is my friend's Ascot

and the exemple for my ascot-project


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