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Fuel door seal

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I'm restoring a VT500, getting the gas tank cleaned & sealed up I cannot lock the fuel door.  The rubber (or whatever) in the fuel door is rock hard so you cannot press it down enough to lock.

Is the only option a new fuel door for $70 or can the internals be replaced with a giant o-ring or something?

In all the parts drawing I am seeing no list the seal as a changeable part. Looks like you will have to buy the whole fuel door assembly or get crafty with trying to make one for it.

I was seeing the same thing on the part drawing.  Whatever that seal is made from is rock hard on my tank.

This was a barn find, got it running 10 years ago when I found it.  5 years later the tank started leaking, parked it and moved onto other projects.  Finally got the tank wended up, sealant is curing.

New caps on eBay for as little as ~ $11.  From Hong Kong - have no idea if they're any good or why they'd be making these unless they fit some bike we don't know about.  Anyway, it might be worth getting one just to cannibalize the rubber seal.

Dear did I not check eBay first???

Ordered the $22 out of Texas, figured that would be here faster.  I'll report back once it arrives.


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