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Wes Kootenay:
Sold my '04 Yamaha FJR1300 a couple of years ago and bought a tractor. I never stopped looking through the used bike ads, though I had no idea what I was looking for. Then, last week, a Honda Ascot VT appeared locally. The seller knew nothing about the bike, he bought it in a lot sale to get the 750-4 he wanted. It runs fine but needs a ton of TLC, hopefully, I'll have it on the road next year. No idea who painted it blue, or why, but I can live with it. The ugly thing on the rear fender has gone to recycle.


The VT Ascots are great bikes!

You'll enjoy that one.

Good luck

Wes Kootenay:
Thanks J6

This will be a fun project. The seller had a mechanic friend get it running so he could sell it, new battery, plugs and carbs cleaned.
There is a Progressive decal on one fork, hopefully the springs have been upgraded? A fork re-build is in the plan.

The VT Ascots are fairly bullet proof, almost zero maintenance bikes. Change the fluids, filters, keep the battery charged & maintain the tires, that's about it.

The carbs will suffer during long time storage if you don't drain them though. I close the fuel petcock on the way home & run the carbs out of fuel before storage.


Looks like it's in pretty respectable shape.  Gauges are not original - hard to tell from the photos but probably from a late70's/ early 80's Honda CB750F or CB900F.


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