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For Sale - 1984 Honda Ascot VT500 - Needs a little work - Near Fort Wayne, IN

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John Ollestad:
Thanks Luke. I appreciate the information. Perhaps a head gasket problem? Was the engine leaking oil or coolant? Or the exhaust pipe not warming up properly?
Thanks again.

It's not leaking any oil or coolant. It might have a micro leak of gas around the gas cutoff, just enough to make it look a bit wet and dirty.
Not sure what you mean by exhaust not warming up properly?

John Ollestad:
That's just how I tell if all cylinders are firing. I fire the bike up, let it idle and then see if both exhaust pipes start to get hot. I've caught a few plugged jets that way.

In your post you said maybe it needs a baffle to fix itself. Fix what?  Is this a bad exhaust gasket causing problems? What is the engine doing thats abnormal?

Honestly I'm not really sure, like I said I really don't know much about engines other then the basics. My father told me that without the baffle in the muffler it could cause problems due to a lack of compression. Sometimes when i would ride it hard on the highway it would stall when i would come to a stop.
You can hear both cylinders firing since one is muffled and the other is not.

Hey guys, Please take it to PM & exchange phone numbers.



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