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For Sale - 1984 Honda Ascot VT500 - Needs a little work - Near Fort Wayne, IN

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I need to sadly sell my Honda Ascot, it's fallen into disrepair and could use a better home.
It's missing a baffle from the muffler, 1 1/2 front turn singles, Left Side Panel.
It might need a new gasket since it ran with out the baffle for some time.

$900 OBO

Still for sale?

Yes it is.

John Ollestad:
I know it needs work. Have a clear title? Does the engine run? Gas tank rusty or clean enough to use?
Oh, what gasket were you referring to?

Columbus, IN

Yeah title is all clear.
It's been a while since I've ran it but it should run with fresh gas and a new battery.
The only rust is small spots on the forks and muffler which you can see in the photos.
I'm not very motor wise so it might not need one it might just need the compression of the baffle to fix it's self. But it's on the top plate of the cylinder, I feel like it's an easy fix for anyone who is more mechanically inclined.



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