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Hi ,new to the forum. I have a ft 500 I'm building into a flat tracker. I have removed the starter, can I run this bike with no battery? If so what needs to be done? Also are the sprockets the same as the XR and XL models?  Thanks,any input is appreciated.

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the Ft500 message board.

The electrical system of the FT is quite complex. To be honest I don't know if you can run it without a battery.
Regarding your question on sprockets.
The FT originally has a 530 chain. You can use sprockets of the XR/XL models but these are 520.
This means you have to install a spacer at your front sprocket since the 520 chain is about 1/8th" narrower and the whole 520 setup is supposedly about 6lbs lighter.

We always like pictures so do share some of your bike.



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