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Here's an old Magazine Ad that I found.

Something that I find very interesting about this Ad... Is that it states that the Ascot has a 43mm constant velocity carburetor. ???

To the best of my knowledge, the USA version of the Ascot was fit with a 35mm CV carb. If this Ad is accurate, it appears that the European version of the FT500 has a much larger carb. I wonder what the chances are of finding that carb in the USA? I have a 38mm Mikuni Flat-Slide carb that I was thinking of trying out, but it appears that it may not be large enough. I met a guy that is building an Ascot engine for a Bonneville Salt Flats racer & he plans to run a 44mm pumper carb. His engine is incredible to behold. The Port Work that has been performed on the Cylinder Head is a work of art!

Anyone have any feedback on this carb question? How about any of you FT owners that live across the big water? What size carb does your bike have?

Thank you

i hate CV carbs.  due to the way they operate they are not directly comparable to other styles of carbs.   i plan on using something similar to a crf450 carb (FCR40mm)  when i do my engine build on the ascot.  or maybe one of the edelbrocks, they are slightly larger, and would provide a tad more top end.

no unless you have MAD port work and a perfectly tuned exhaust, i just do not think the ascot (with even a mild overbore) could move enough air to outflow a 40mm FCR.   i would almost bet money that the crf450 carb in stock form would be jetted close if not larger then what it would need to be used on an ascot motor.   while 500cc is a fairly good sized single, it just does not take that big of a gulp on intake.

Easy to clean wheels...

Yeah right.


--- Quote from: thumperdh on August 21, 2014, 12:01:58 am ---Easy to clean wheels...

Yeah right.
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They are easier to maintain than spokes, plus you can run tubeless tires. Too bad they weigh about half a ton apiece.



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