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1984 Ascot mild project

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scott s:
 Posted about a potential purchase:

 And made the deal today. Got a killer deal on this and a CB360. The Ascot is a keeper, not sure what I'll do with the 360 yet.
 Bike is in nice shape with a little over 11K miles. Minor scratches and needs some elbow grease and compounding, but the bodywork is straight and not cracked or dented. The tank needs a minor cleaning, but only above the line of the old gas. No rust through or thin spots; very solid and straight.
 I know it needs fork seals, all fluids and normal tune up stuff. The front caliper is completely missing, so I'll have to replace that and go through the brakes. I'll clean the carbs, just because (unless ya'll think I should try firing it up as-is and see what happens). Overall, a SOLID bike that doesn't need much at all!

 In the van....

 ...and after a quick bath.

 I plan on doing some minor "bolt on" cosmetic stuff, such as smaller turn signals, maybe a rear fender eliminator, probably do SOMETHING with the headlight and gauges (number plate or a round headlight?) and maybe a Trailtech Vapor gauge unit, depending on which way I go with the lighting.

While your cleaning carbs, changing oils, etc, and replacing the caliper it is always a good idea to replace the 30+ year old brake hoses as they deterioate from the inside and go soft.

scott s:
 Oh, definitely. Always on my "to do" list.

I have used a few of these Chinese made ones with no problems (they make other lengths). My son works at a hydarulic shop and tested one to 3,000psi for me, so I they will never get that much pressure from your hand/foot. I wrap them in black heatshrink and they look like originals but give much better feel at the lever/pedal.

scott s:
I cross referenced the caliper part # and found one from the same year Shadow that had everything I needed; hanger, bolts, caliper, etc. Only about $35 shipped. I happened to already have a brand new master cylinder and there's a hydraulics shop near my house that makes brake hoses. I can get a braided stainless hose, pressure tested, for pennies on the dollar compared to what Galfer, etc., charge.

 Pulled the tank and drained out the old gas. What size is the petcock bung? Looking for something to cap it off to soak and clean the tank.


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