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VT500 Shadow gauge swap?


scott s:
 I like the round Speedo and tach from the Shadow, especially if you swap out the square headlight for a round one.
 Anyone know how close they are to "plug and play"? Mounting bracket, wire plugs, etc?

Wes Kootenay:
Did you ever figure this one out? I would like to do the same.


Suspect the Tach is probably plug & play.

The VT500 Shadow has 16" rear wheel & a higher gear ratio in the final drive hub.

The VT500 Ascot has an 18" rear wheel & a lower gear ratio in the hub.

The wheel & gear ratio differences are supposed to provide the same final speed per RPM per bike. Don't know how accurate that is in real life conditions.

Suppose you could install the gauges & check the speedometer accuracy with a GPS feature on a smart-phone.


I understand this is an old topic, but if anyone else is considering this, the rear hubs/wheel sizes have nothing to do with the speedometer. It is driven by cable off the FRONT wheel.


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