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what do you use your ft500 for? type of riding, etc?

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I ride it to work a few days a week (when it isn't rainy in Seattle) which is only about 7-10 minutes.  I try to find the time to take the 'long way' home every once in a while, which is more like an hour.  My dad (who bought the bike new back in '82) and I toured around the state at the end of June.  It was about 900 miles in 4 days avoiding the Interstates.  It was ten tons of fun and some of God's best work on the scenery.

Here's the route we took:
Google Map

Jay willoughby:
I have two FT 500 ascots [used to have three sold it a month ago] number one I've had since it was new and its nearly perfect , its my street bike. Number two I've been modifying to a trail bike.[folding mirrors, bear  trap foot pegs ,bendy LED turn signals]. Both bikes have original Ascot luggage racks and both bikes are licensed, as collector bikes  in British Columbia which makes it a third of the cost of insurance.  :)

I mainly use the FT500 for touring.  Longest ride to date was 240 miles (in 1 day).  The bike is great in the canyons .. so easy to turn compared to my other bike, a Honda CB750.  I try to avoid freeways with the FT500 .. it would have a little trouble keeping up with the cages.

I use mine as a general workhorse. It's done a little of everything in the past five years. Two Daytona bike week trips, commuting back and forth to work and school, light duty touring, heavy duty touring, pleasure riding, shralping mountain roads, grocery getter, fire road explorer and everything in between. The only place she hasn't been is on a race track (yet).

I've been a dual purpose rider since my first bike, a KE125, back in 1977. The FT is a great town bike, I do minimal freeway riding, but once I go one up on the counter shaft sprocket, I'll be happy to do more highway riding.
 I love this motorcycle & am looking forward to some power mods!


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