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My FT500/CBR600 Hybrid Project...

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Thanks. Actually the bike is still kind of dirty, but the pics don't show the chain spooge & road grime that I failed to remove. I'll get her back on the road & ride it for a while to see how well it works, then blow her apart again & really clean it up.


I just noticed on the pictures you were missing one shock, good thing you bought new ones  ;)
The ride height seams about the same as mine with the cbr900 forks, although I think the 900 forks should be considerably shorter than your 600s.

IMHO you should lower the headlight, now it sticks out above the top yoke, I would keep it just in the center between the two yokes.

I'm curious about you're findings on the road.
keep it up!

I had the headlight centered between the triple clamps until I mounted up my horn. Right now the headlight is a bit high & I plan to lower it about another 1.5 inch.

The shock was missing because it didn't fit any longer with the new brake caliper bracket. :-[ Fortunately the new shocks are smaller in diameter than the OEM shocks & everything clears now.

Thanks for the comments. I can't wait to ride it, but I still need new brake lines, brake pads & tires.


Here's a pic of the back end of the bike with the LED brake/tail/turn signal lighted license plate frame. I think it really cleans up the back end & I will no longer kick the right rear turn signal when getting on or off the bike. :-[ :D You will have to excuse the overly wide rear 160 series tire. That will go away soon.


I've been searching for a welder to perform some fabrication/welding on my bike & finally found a good one today. G&S Welding out of Boring, Or. knocked out the welding of my battery box & the modification/welding of my foot-pegs & kickstand in an hour & a half. Some bike shops that I had visited quoted me a whole day of labor with a week or two to get the job done. ???

Anyway... Here is what I had done. I had purchased one of these battery box kits off of eBay:
I had this box welded to the cross-bar right behind the engine so the battery would be lowered & centered in the frame as much as possible. This battery reduces the bikes weight & will help lower the bikes center of gravity.


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