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I also had the foot-pegs modified with some KTM off road pegs. This raised the pegs to provide more ground clearance for cornering. If the pegs still hit in the corners, I will adapt some GSXR600 rear-sets for more clearance.

The other problem that I had, was the kickstand length. Now that the bike has been lowered a couple of inches the side stand was too long & had the bike standing almost vertical. I had the bracket that holds the rubber part removed & a half an inch sectioned out of the stand. Now when the side stand is down the bike leans to the left like it should.

...And that's about it for now. The Mail Man just dropped off my new brake pads & braided stainless steel brake lines. It will be nice to have brakes again. ;D


Well I had some time today along with some new parts to play with. My order of braided stainless steel brake lines & new brake pads came in. I had to order custom length lines to fit & they ended up being perfect. Spiegler really makes some nice brake lines. I went with a two line kit for the front & of course a single line for the back. I ordered 90 degree ends on the front lines so the lines would leave the master cylinder & follow along the handlebar.

I had to replace the front master cylinder due to crash damage. Instead of buying another Ascot master, I found a Brembo master cylinder off of a 2001 Ducati Monster 600 for sale on eBay. If you really want to treat yourself to a nice braking system, pick up a Brembo master cylinder. One or two fingers is all you need for a complete stop! Plus I paid less for the Ducati master than the few FT500 Ascot masters that were listed at the time.

As I said earlier... The lines ended up fitting just right. I have one line running up the backside of each fork leg.

A new bottle of Dot 4 brake fluid, my vacuum brake bleeder, plus a little bit of time, had the lines filled & the brakes bled.

Here are a few more pics of the center section & the new battery mounting location after a bit of paint. I still need to clean up the wiring some, plus figure out a spot to mount the starter solenoid. I was able to make use of one of the original airbox mounting tabs to mount my new crankcase breather. It fit like it was meant to be there. 8)


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