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Hello From Missouri!


Hello, everyone. Just picked up an '82 Ascot! Hasn't ran in 10 years, but it had good compression, electrics worked, and it was complete. I got it running today so it won't be long until I get it on the road again. Thought I'd say hello!

Here it is after I picked it up.

Here it is 5min into leaving after picking it up.

Here it is after getting it home.

Has a laundry list of things it needs so I'll definitely be reaching out in the event of needing help. Right now unless the choke is on it misses badly until it dies.

Welcome. I've never seen yellow brake calipers before.  :o

When you tie down a bike, place the front tire up against the back wall of the cab, then run your tie-down straps from the handlebars to the front & down. Compress the forks & tighten the straps. Tie the back down towards the back of the truck.

Hope you didn't dent the fuel tank, or break any of the body work. It's almost impossible to locate replacements these days.



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