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 8) well last year I was looking at two Ascot singles, one was a bit too rough and the other sold. Now however I have found an '84 VT, which is what I wanted in the first place. Looks good in the pictures, some minor modifications, it has a handlebar fairing and aftermarket exhaust and it has been painted. The owner says he has another exhaust (might be original) and the original square headlight.  I am thinking if it looks as good in person as by pictures I will make an offer. Already trying to decide if I should bring it back to stock or personalize it.  Hope to be a more active participant in the use of this forum.

Well that didn't work as expected, a little rougher than I expected, starts ok but the top end has a noise. It sounds like a valve or perhaps it's a timing chain/adjuster issue, in any case it is giving me pause to reconsider the purchase, not sure I want to get involved in a complete project. I will keep looking....

Usually you are better off waiting for a nice clean, low mile, example.

Paying more up front for a nicer bike almost always saves you money in the long run.

Good luck & enjoy the hunt.



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