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spedo stopped, how to tell where the issue is?


my spedo went up to 70 as i was pulling on to the interstate, then dropped to zero.

the cable is whole and spins when removed from both sides.

how do i tell if the issue is the hub or the instrument panel?

the needle also "bounces" up to 10 with high rpm vibrations.

Place the bike on the centerstand & get the front wheel off the ground. You will either need to have someone sit on the back of the seat, or use a floor jack to lift the front end. Then see if the cable spins when you turn the front wheel.

I don't know how to test the gauge.

Good luck

Jay willoughby:
Check to see if the threaded shaft where the speedo cable attaches to the back of the gauge isn't bent ,if it is the speedo needle shaft will bind and cause the needle to do what yours is doing. you will have to take apart the gauge pod to check this.    Cheers Jay


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