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VT500 tire sizes

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I searched through the forum trying to find a definitive answer on how big I can go with tires on my bike and there doesn't seem to be a real answer. Just wondering if anyone could chime in? I like the street tracker look with bigger buns front and back, not too concerned about keeping the front fender really.

Don't know how much larger will fit.

I've been more concerned with handling & high performance through the turns. Bigger, fatter, tires are not required & will slow the bike.


I think it will depend on what's available in an 18" really. I think the Shinko 705's come in a 150/70 for the back and a 120/80 for the front. I'm not overly concerned about speed really, if that was the case I would probably be looking at something a little more modern, but that's not what I'm after.

And? I'm pretty curious as well. I would like 2 equal size tires, with scrambler look..

I put a new tire on the rear in the fall.  I wanted to go to something a bit wider but there wasn't enough side clearance.  I ended up getting a Bridgestone 120/90 - not sure there's room to go much wider but keep in mind there may be size variation between one MFR's 120 and aonther's 120.


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