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newest stable mate


Just got this old girl home last night, first issue I'm going to have to resolve it the back cylinder doesn't seem to want to fire right after startup, misses and sputters but eventually comes to the party.


My first Ascot was a black VT.

What type of muffler is that?

Might want to check & replace all 4 spark plugs to see if that helps. The VT's coils are known to go bad also.


It's a really deep blue metallic although it does look black in the pics. I swapped the easier access plugs around after I decided it was only running on one cylinder and it popped a couple times but was good after that, definitely needs to be gone through with oil change fresh fuel etc etc. she spent a good long time in a storage locker and only has 13,000km on it. I have a bunch of spare parts too, motor, plastics, seat, gauges, rad and this goes on. The muffler is a two brothers racing piece.


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