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reservoir rear shocks


I've been trolling around for ideas for a street tracker build and like the idea of rear shocks with an external reservoir. I found these on ebay and wondered if anyone here has used something similar? I think the Yamaha sr500 had something like this from factory.

They're only 12 5/8 center to center so I'm not sure if they would add any of the additional height I'm looking for. I see quite a few builds mention progressive shocks but no mention of length.

I used Hagon shocks on my FT Ascot.

I believe they have some external reservoir shocks also. You might want to look them up.

Good luck

I have used a couple of sets of those with no problems. The damping was a bit stiff for the first 100Km but they softened up after that. Check on what spring rate you want too.


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