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An Ascot Pictorial...


Anyone want to post up a pic of their Ascot (Either the FT or the VT version) and tell us about it?

Here is my mostly stock FT500 with its little brother, the Honda MB5. I ride the FT, while my Girlfriend is learning to ride a motorcycle on the MB5. For those of you who are not familiar with what an MB5 is, they are a 50cc, 2-stroke, with a 5 speed manual transmission. They were another bike that was imported into the USA in 1982 and didn't sell well enough to be imported again in '83. A one year wonder. It's a fun little bike to zip around on & will do about 50-55mph with my almost 200lbs aboard. ;D


Here is a proud rider & a tricked out FT500.


All set up to commute back and forth to school.

Windshield rigged up, ready to head to Daytona for bike week

thanks for posting.  love the stock look


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