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If you make your own seat pan, I would build up your frame about 1/8" with something pliable like duct tape (lots of layers, my tendency is not to build it up enough so it fits too tight on the frame) so the seat cover can wrap under the pan nicely and still Hug the frame. I also like to use rebond foam for at least the base. On The first sea  I made, I used the firmest foam I could get from an auto upholstery place and it was still too soft and would mush down to the pan. I switched to using rebond foam with a 1/2" layer of regular auto upholstery  foam on top and really like it. The rebond is hard to find locally but easy to find on line.


I'll definitely get back to you about the filter.  The previous owner of my bike replaced the stock filter in the box with a UNI filter, and didn't re-jet the carbs, so it runs really lean right now.  I'm taking it into my shop to park for the winter tomorrow, and I'll begin the tear-down shortly.  I'm almost finished with the instrument panel.  I'm waiting on some 1 mm end mills to arrive to do the finishing cuts and engraving on the top plate, and I'm cutting the sheet steel base plate tomorrow.


Thanks for the advice on the seat making.  This is going to be a completely new experience for me.  The only thing I've ever made out of fiberglass is a rocket nosecone, and I was able to turn the profile for the mold on a CNC lathe.  Cutting one by hand out of foam is going to be interesting.  I'm not sure if I'm going to wrap the seat cover around the base pan, or make a smaller pad to mount on top, like the Legendary Cycles seats.  I'll definitely still pad the frame up though, to make mounting less of a pain.  I have a 2 kW laser cutter at work, so I'm thinking I can cut a top/bottom profile out of pretty thin sheet metal (or foam-core if I find any laying around the shop), then cut the side and front/rear profiles and tack them together, and surround that skeleton with the florist foam to make the mold.  I'm kind of hoping to be able to "french" a tail light into the rear hump of the seat this way.  I'm going to get started on those models this week.  I'm going to take your advice and use the rebond foam.  What overall thickness did you go for for your pad?

I'm really glad I asked for input before starting this.  You guys are already giving me lots of help.  I greatly appreciate it!


Alrighty, first piece finished.  I finished the new dash assembly and test mounted it.  Everything fits nicely!  Now, I just need to wire it all up and test it out.

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since my last update. I've been busy lately, but I still find time here and there to put work into the bike. Here are some things I've done so far:

* ditched drag bars for clip-ons
* replaced control switches and throttle
* relocated electrical junctions to headlight bucket
* replaced steering stem with one from everyone's favorite donor bike, an '88 Hurricane. Has the same dimensions, but no bar clamps or headlight mounts sticking out in inconvenient places for clip-ons
* drilled and tapped a couple of holes in the new top triple clamp to remount my instrument cluster. It sat way too high before, but I really like it now.
* stripped and primed the fuel tank, and installed a new petcock
* removed airbox, battery, and everything else midships. I think I like it empty.
* installed MAC exhaust I bought from John. Freakin' Sweet.
Works in progress:

* making a new wire harness, and just generally updating the circuitry.
* the fuel tank. A new cap assembly is on the way, at which point it will be fully functional, but I have a decent amount of cosmetic work to do.
* waiting on a shipment containing replacement ignition, bar end turn signals and mirrors, and a shorai battery
* the seatpan. I've made a fiberglass casting of the bottom of the stock seat and modified it to fit with the new tank. I'm going to attach the casting to the bike, fill it with a shitload of spray foam, cut it off level at the top, and build the rest of my foam mold on top of that. I'm also still working on the design for the battery / other electronics compartment. I do have a taillight for it already, but I'll save that for a later post.
Lastly, Colorrite was able to match the stock candy red, so I'll be painting the tank and seatpan the original color (yay!), and keeping the front fender. I really dig that fender for some reason.

Here are a couple of pics.



Looks good. Glad to see those pipes found a good home.



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