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After much inspiration from the threads in this section, I've decided to go full custom with my Ascot.  I'm doing my best not to modify the frame at all, so that I can return it to stock if the mood strikes.  I have no plans to ever sell this bike, and if I take my sweet time, I won't need to sell any of the stock parts to finance the project.  I've started with the front end.  For now, I think I'm going to keep the stock forks, wheels and trees.

So far, I've replaced the headlight with a round EMGO 6.25" headlight.  This means the fork cover no longer fits, so I'm debating whether to custom fabricate a new one, or to relocate the horn and junction box.  This weekend, I will be replacing the stock bars with drag bars for a slightly more aggressive riding posture. I also have some shorter turn signals arriving this weekend that I hope to get wired up before returning to the grind on Monday.

I am also replacing the instrument cluster with one I am machining as I'm writing this.  This includes conversion to electric speedo and tach.  I'll attach a rendering of the cluster, and pics of the real thing as soon as I get it done.  I plan on having it mounted before Thanksgiving.  I will also be replacing the mirrors with some that don't stick up quite so high, but haven't decided on which ones yet.  That should also be next week.  After seeing it in a couple of other threads, I really like the look of the water buffalo tank on the Ascot frame.  That, and almost doubling the tank capacity.  I haven't quite figured out exactly what type of seat pan I want to include (I'm going for a scrambler / cafe crossover, so I have a few options, but I'm leaning toward a GB500 seat), so I'll hold off on mounting that until I have a more complete idea of the rest of the body.  I will definitely be removing the airbox for pod filters and changing out the exhaust during the cold months ahead (and all the rejetting and tuning that goes along with it), and I think I'm going to replace the battery with a smaller one I can put under the seat.

Anyway, this forum has been an inspiration, and I hope I can put something out of comparable quality to what I've seen here so far.  Any advice or suggestions are more than welcome, seeing as this is my first customization job, and you folks seem to be pros!



I like your instrument panel. I think you are doing the right thing by checking in with other people who have already tried the things you want to do. My two cents/ do not install pods ( I believe a pod filter is only adequate for about 200cc. Max due to plenum volume. The filtered plenum should be sized equal to at least 3/4 of a soda can. Uni and K&N make good filters that are appropriately sized. For the battery I have used Shorai and anti gravity lithium batteries, they are a fraction of the weight and size of the originals and work great, but expensive and you have to buy their " special " chargers. They tuck under the seat pan nicely though. Also I recommend making a fiberglass seat pan and get the seat you want. It's real easy.

I recommend you research the removal or modification of the air box & intake tract.

Several have tried, only to experience dismal results. There are a few things that can be done to improve the intake capacity, but it will upset the jetting immensely.

There are several posts in the Technical section that you should read.

Good luck

Thanks guys. After watching a few videos, I think I am going to make the fiberglass seat pan myself. Looks pretty fun. Also, thanks for the advice on the intake. Perhaps I will keep the plenum. I've read through most of the articles in the tech section, and i know it will be some work getting the tuning right once I change the intake and exhaust. Luckily, I'm a mechanical engineer with a machine shop and a dyno available at work, so as long as I take the time to do it right, I can hopefully get some good results! Once I park the bike at the shop for the winter, I'll start uploading pics as the project moves forward.

I removed the air-box & attached a large UNI type of oiled foam filter on the end of the common intake plenum. I went through several jet changes & was not satisfied with the results. Was able to run O.K. unless you opened the throttle real quick & then it would just bog on too much air before catching up. I finally grew tired of messing with it & put the modified air-box back in. Ran great again & I left it alone after that.

I still have that foam filter if you are interested. Nice & clean, still looks like new.



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