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Thanks, yeah the old superglide tank had the vibe I wanted, but it sure was a lot of work to cut out the bottom and fab a new tunnel and mounts. Once it was done it was worth it.

I finally got around to making the exhaust, it's a lot of work but coming out nice. I'm going to have it coated black even though it's stainless. I also changed my mind on the muffler (the supertrapp is now going on my SR.) my son turned me some torque cone flanges, hoping it will help with the low end.  I used 1-1/4" tubing into 1-3/4", (1-1/8" ID and 1-5/8" ID) but the torque cone is stock exhaust ID size.  We'll See how it works.

That looks real nice!

Clean design & fabrication.

How's the sound?


I won't know how the sound is for a couple weeks. still have to fab a mid pipe bracket on the pipe this weekend and finish the welding. then 10 days for ceramic coating and re pack the can. I can't wait to hear it. Ill post an update.

I was curious before sending the exhaust out for ceramic coating so i put it together with temporary packing and buzzed the neighborhood.  the power band was far better than before. (stock head pipe and open steel mechanical baffles) and i am very happy with it.
As for the sound of the new pipes, it was amazing but too loud when you opened it up so I put in the DB killer (which i found out was a little bit of a horse power killer) but still awesome. without the insert it sounds like a lot like a Yoshimura on an XR.
The 7/8" torque cone and 1-1/4 OD pipe combination works exactly as I had hoped. I may play with opening up the quiet insert to compromize between volume and HP.
i uploaded a clip to you tube.


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