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I am finally able to finish up my wife's 82 Ascot, I installed the hurricane wheels and forks, Harley Tank (highly modified) aermacchi headlight and everything else has been chopped, ground, and modified except the motor,  ( I only had to helicoil the head, otherwise the motor was fine) all electrical has been stashed but it's still there. ( I put a Shorai battery under the seat and moved everything else around to hide it.)lowered it about 3" and  made a tail light out of an old microphone. The rear fender is an old Kawasaki fender that I sliced an inch out of the middle to narrow it down and welded it back together. I relocated the rear brake Res. and installed an aluminum Triumph Res instead of the ugly Honda plastic one.  I have started a stainless exhaust but it may be a while before I finish it. I just painted it today with a 3 color base/ Clear, It doesn't look much like an Ascot anymore.  The intent is to have a 70"s vibe but not be a clone of any bike in particular.  I have an old Reed Valve XR 500 and I may steal the Kick Starter and reed valve head and put then in this bike, it but that is for another day.

Looks good!

How's the ride?

Several folks have attempted the kick-starter swap only to find the foot-peg to be in the way.


It rides real nice, I like the hagon shocks,  I made a lot of frame modifications so it would maintain some shock travel when lowered that far down (just have to watch the oil sump over speed bumps) I still have to dial in the carb (I was hoping to have the new exhaust done before I had to do the tuning) and a few other things.
Yeah the reason I have not yet installed the kick starter is the amount of work required reworking the foot peg. I started getting burned out re fabricating everything. Maybe next year.(maybe not). I'm really impressed how well the little Shorai battery cranks the bike but time will tell how it holds up.

The CBR600 Hurricane swap, Hagon shocks really makes the FT Ascot handle sweet! You do have to be careful about the oil sump & speed-bumps though.

I have experience with the Thumper-Stuff header & the original header pipes on a stock FT500 engine. The original header pipes have better low end torque & throttle response I think. Now add a performance camshaft and/or larger bore, then the Thumper-Stuff header would probably be better.

Please post some more pics when you have a chance.


I agree that many people put too large of a pipe on bikes and loose Velocity.  But I feel that the stock ascot pipe is a really poor design for two reasons. first is that the inner pipe is really prone to coming loose inside (this one has) and defeating any performance by creating turbulence around the loose end of the inner pipe, second the collector is a funky design where on pipe is tacked on to the side of another and looks questionable for flow.  I think these are bigger issues than the pipe ID.  The pipe I'm building is 1-1/4" OD (1-1/8" ID) very close to the Mugen and supertrapp designs,  Stock XR is 1-1/8" OD so I'm only going up 1/8".  Small enough to maintain Velocity and large enough to keep the back pressure in spec if I do Cam it. I am also going to use a Y collector from Cone industries to get smoother flow. I have had a few XR's over the years so I have had the opportunity to experiment.  My favorite was a supertrapp pipe which is what I am going to try and replicate, the torque was crazy, almost impossible to let out the clutch on asphalt without bringing the front end up.
I'll try to post more pics but I am having trouble making the file size small enough to upload.


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