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fork stanchion diameter


 does anyone know the fork stanchion diameter of the stock FT? (the tubes that slot into the triples)

Edit: in MM please  :)

I don't know what the diameter of the center post is. The Fork Legs at the triple clamp are 37mm.

I do know that mid 80's Honda Interceptor forks & 1989 CBR600 Hurricane forks slide right into the Ascot triple clamps.

Here are some conversion charts & bearing sizing charts from All Balls Racing that might be helpful.

Here is an amazing compilation of Specs.

According to these postings the FT500 bearing sizes are:
Upper: 26 x 48.5 x 15.2
Lower: 30 x 50 x 14.4

Good luck

Cheers J
it was just the size at the triple I was after, and at 37mm its the same as the shadow  8) which means I can follow your lead and keep an eye out for a cbr front end and get some some decent braking :)


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