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Had contact with this company for the first and LAST time. I needed a 15amp main fuse for my wife's '82 Ascot FT 500. I googled looking for them and I came up with Partsnmore. They had a pack 0f 5 for $2. These fuses are very thin metal, maybe .002" thick and maybe 1 1/2" long and maybe 3/8" wide. I placed the order and at checkout I found shipping to Ohio was $14.50. Oh well, I went ahead and placed the order. I was kind of irritated by the high shipping for something weighing maybe an ounce.  I sent an email to Partsnmore and told them I thought their shipping for such a tiny item was horrible. Well, the next day I get an email saying my purchase had been refunded. I figured, well, their out of stock. I checked a second email from them and woah, I was shocked. The guy threw a hissy fit because I complained about the shipping and he just cancelled my order. Can you say RUDE!
I will absolutely not order anything from them again. I will also try my best to keep anybody else from making the same mistake I made. There are other business's selling parts for Ascots, and I will definitely go to them, even if the price is double what Partsnmore is asking.

Follow up. I went to Advance Auto Parts, bought an ATM push in fuse holder with two wires and a couple of ATM 15 amp fuses. These even glow when their blown. All I have to do is put a couple of terminals on the ends of the wires and connect where the blade fuses went and I';m golden. I can get these fuses anywhere. The guy at Partsnmore can eat them.

Worked perfectly!

Good for you. There are too many parts places that will 'grudgingly' help you if they want to. Find a good place and stick to it'
PS, shipping to Australia (if they do it) is usually twice the price of the item. Canada is about half the price and further to travel?????

Thanks murdo


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