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Aside From Motorcycles... What Else Are You In To?

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What other hobbies or interests do you have?

I like most things that go Fast or go Boom!


Jay willoughby:
I have multiple toys that go boom, but  I'm into power boating with my 22 foot Boston Whaler camping in my GMC Savanna van and playing with my RC helicopters http://ascot500.com/Smileys/default/smiley.gif

As far as things that go BOOM... I really like the older stuff, like single action revolvers & lever action carbines/rifles. Plus just about anything that shoots the 22LR. I'm not a black rifle or Glock kind of guy. I can appreciate the modern firearms & I'm impressed with what the manufacturers are doing in the compact concealed weapons market. Some of those mini 9mm, 40S&W & 45acp pistolas are amazing.

As far as things that go fast... Just about anything goes. If I can feel the sensation of acceleration, then I’ll dig it.


Jay willoughby:
I prefer\military toys like AR's ,colt model 1911,'s Lee Enfield 303's I do have 3    22's. ;D

Apart from motorcycles I'm into surfing, snowboarding, cross country mountain biking, downhill skateboarding, guitars, cars and of course, things that go boom.


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