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Making a scrambler type out of a VT500C

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Hi, i have reasently bought a Vt500C to make a scrambler type of bike.  Wil start with the fuel tank - seat - handlebars first. Dos the Ft parts fit on Vt frame as it seems to be the same atacments / underside. 
I was also looking on a XJ550 tank, as it is a littel curved on the underside to fit the engine.         

The Shadow frame is a bit different than the Ascot frame.

Check out this post:


Hi J, yes there seems to be a few parts to be modified. But if i weld on a new top rail on the frame, this room wil be perfect to hide all the elektrical stuff in. And put in a smaler litium - ion battery.
For the filter housing i was thinking of cutting a part of the one ( make a sort of a cover) under the thank, place a part of the filter in there. Hold in place of a rubber spring.
I wil pic her up end of the week, then i start taking off all the C parts i dont need and swap / sell to finance my build.   



Got it home today and started removing all those " bling" parts, hope to sell some of it to finance the other parts. A ascot rear wheel is also on the way. The first thing i need to replace is the tires was cracked on the side walls so i can still use it uder the modification work. 
I am also looking into improving the orginal brakes, seems a Vt600 / 750 single disk wil fit, then you have a ventilated modern disk  296mm  5 bolt at 144 / 72 mm
A radial master vil also help. To shorten the brake line / better responce i wil look into BMWs system running trough the stearing stem  ( winter work ) 

Is the rear shocks of the same lenght,  mine is 34,5cm between upper and lower bolt ( middle)   


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