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Hello, and greetings from Finland. Finally started working on my FT and decided to make a topic. Got the bike last autumn, did ~700km before winter and it didn't miss a beat. Snow's starting to melt so it's time to start preparing the bike for the 2016 season.

Pics are from last year, sorry for their abysmal quality.

Recharged the battery and tried to start the bike, couldn't. Took the carb off and apart, need new screws to hold the top lid and float bowl on since old ones were rounded off.

So, since my bike is EU spec it has a Keihin VB11, all instructions for suitable jet sizes are for the American model which has a VB10 and thus has different jets. Mine has a #78 and a #128, M5 thread and I had an old jet from my previous bike which fit the carb but was the wrong size, a #97,5. But at least I now know which jets I need to get. How much bigger they need to be, no idea just yet. Thinking of ditching the stock airbox as well, any guesses? This is just to fix it for now, probably getting a roundslide Mikuni in the future but for now jets are cheaper than carbs.

Also noticed this when I took the carb apart. There are 2 "big" jets and a rubber bung, and under the bung is another jet that looks like a pilot jet. The bike's been working fine, a bit harsh to start when cold but runs and idles fine once warmed up. Why is there a "hidden" jet? Am I the only one or is this something done to all EU-spec Ascots? Also the screw in the front is adjustable, but I have no idea what it adjusts?

Thinking of doing a street tracker, but first I need to address the necessities; the brakes are most likely original, as is the clutch. Since the bike has done ~66000km's these are something I feel are much more important than cosmetic modification. I already have new clutch plates, heavy duty springs and brake pads. Brake discs are too expensive so I'll be looking into getting some custom-made. I have no idea about the condition of the starter, the previous owner has done something to it and it works fine for now, but I don't want it to break down, and there's something inside there that needs cleaning and lubricating every once in a while, if anybody has pictures or even instructions on how to do this I'd be super happy. Also the adjustment of the balancer chain, pics and instructions if you have any.

The engine has a small oil leak, probably from the front valve cover since the oil drops hit the exhaust. Also someone has bodged a part of the wiring loom, need to properly re-do the ruined bits. Clutch feels like it's slipping, that's why I'm replacing the plates and springs.

I already have some new parts for the bike, including a round headlight and a universal speedometer. Hope these work, but if not it doesn't really matter since I got them cheap off the Bay of E. Doing a rev counter delete since I don't think I need it, even my car doesn't have one ;D

As for the looks, I'm thinking of dropping the front forks slightly and getting shorter shocks for the rear. Rear and side plastics need to go, I'll keep the original tank for now. Probably some frame modification and a brat seat, higher handlebars and smaller mirrors. Powdercoating the frame, swingarm, rims and front forks black, replacing seals and bearings and maybe add gaiters. I want the bike to look cool but still be functional.

As for the performance, a bigger carb and a custom exhaust should be enough.

I'll post better pics when I get the bike back together.

What brand/maker is the round headlight from?


--- Quote from: ftnorway on March 19, 2016, 06:34:17 am ---What brand/maker is the round headlight from?

--- End quote ---

The cheapest possible chinese no-brand one off Ebay. It's quite large since it's as wide as the original, but at least it bolts to the original headlight bracket.

This is the one that I used:

Here are all the headlights that they offer:

I requested a pair of small black bodied turn signals instead of the shiny ones in the picture. The headlight mounts are a bit fat & just barely kiss the fuel tank when the forks are turned to the stops. Here's a few pictures of my bike:

Good luck

Here is another potential source:



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