Author Topic: Anyone got a parts bike/engine?  (Read 2598 times)


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Anyone got a parts bike/engine?
« on: January 29, 2016, 02:29:45 am »
Hey there fellow 4-stroke single owners! I've got a really decent looking slightly modified Ascot that unfortunately died on me while highway riding fall of 2015. I learned after the fact that the most likely cause of death was the crankshaft bearing flying apart.  :o  And when I thought about it, I do remember starting to hear a high-pitched "whining noise" a few days prior to changing my oil and going on a couple hundred mile highway ride. Thought nothing of it, as it's a obviously a pretty old bike to begin with. From what I can remember, my mechanic told me it'll need either these parts, or a new engine:

  • valves
  • timing chain
  • timing gear/camshaft gear(s)?
  • crankshaft bearing(s) and/or new crankshaft assembly
  • something else I can't remember?

Anywho, I've looked everywhere for parts bikes and/or xl/xr500 motors. I guess Southern Utah isn't a very popular place to own one of these bikes.


  • sprockets +1 in front -2 in back
  • bigger carb jets as recommended in forum

If you've read this far and have any knowledge you'd like to impart to a young nearly 20-something, would this ebay auction for a motor be worth my time and money?  Could I or should I swap broken parts for used?

Anyone got any spares?

I'd really like to keep my ascot. I'll be starting college this fall, and it would be great to have for commuting and/or taking along a womans.


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Re: Anyone got a parts bike/engine?
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2016, 11:41:19 am »
I don't know. I've seen complete engines, or Ascots for sale at or around that price.

Here are a couple of Craigslist ads:

Might want to be patient & see what else shows up.

Good luck