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Alex's Aussie FT500

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Looking real nice!


Going well! Admire/envy yr tidy spacious garage!

V envious of you getting to do this with yr Dad. My Dad has pretty much lost interest in bikes (I've got his XBR500 though!), though he was so finicky, it would have been hard for us to work on a project together. We did have a couple of yrs after he moved house close enough to us (100 miles) when he'd take an interest/help if I visited on a bike, but he wasn't keen on me leaving things in his (largely unused) garage. A shame, he had yrs of experience (with old-skool British stuff).

So, make the most of it. Make sure some of the photos are you and yer Da (not to go on here, but for the future), and enjoy it!!

Good luck.

Thanks J.

I'm making the most of it Brendano! I'm lucky to able to use his garage, tools and of course knowledge! We've got a motorcycling addiction that runs in the family!

As for the build, works has been slow going. The old boy is away on holiday so I've just been working through my parts list buying what I need. The project will be back in full swing before you know it!

Back into it!

Managed to pick up a few bits and pieces over the last couple of months. Big win was getting LH and RH sidecovers for next to nothing. FT's are pretty rare here in AUS so usually you'd have to pay through the nose for postage etc. We'll do some cutting and trimming of the covers and seat cowl just to clean it up a little bit.

Began complete re-assembly of rear wheel the other night and came across a bearing in the hub containing the cush drive rubbers. Can't find it in the service manual diagrams so we'll just replace it and keep moving. Here's a few pics!

Looking good.
I just repacked the bearing with grease when I had the wheel out as it doesn't carry a lot of load.


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