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Alex's Aussie FT500

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Yous guys are doing a nice job here. Keep up the nice work and great pics & updates.

 I've got an old 82 FT. Just got it running tonight. It is a real rat. Paid 350 for it but it wouldn't start. Complete neglect of the starting mechanism with a failure of the #7 idler gear as a result. I was lucky; the solenoid just needed a good cleaning.


Lately there's been some issues with the zinc plating but we've managed to sort them out. Yesterday the engine mounting bolts and remaining nuts for the rear wheel were all done. Engines in the frame and she's looking better than ever!

Here's the bike with the engine in!

We thought a spacer had been lost on the rear axle, took us a while to realise the rear brake slips on and takes up the rest of the room.

Here it is with the tank and seat on.

The tank will be sent off for a new paint job soon and the seat needs re-upholstering. Other than that it'll be the process of zinc-reassemble-repeat until it's done. We're going to get an exhaust made locally because the header pipes that came with the bike are rusted out.

Loving the coverage of this rebuild ... great work.

Looking good there Alex, keep up the good work.
It is handy to have your own zinc plating kit. Which one do you have?

Got a new set of shockers and a few other things recently.

Picked up a new master cylinder for the rear brake, needs some fresh rubbers here and there and it'll go on!

Fitted a new pod filter instead of the original airbox. Ran into some issues with it fouling on the seat base so we added a 45 degree silicone hose to fix that. Looks awesome and hopefully it runs alright when the time comes  ;D There's also a little pod filter to replace the crankcase breather hose.

Here it is with the new bits

Also bought a new headlight, just need some mounts to fit it on.


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