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Hello everyone,

I'm starting this thread to follow my FT500 build. I picked this bike up a while ago from a relative who bought it with the intention of getting into motorcycling. After sitting dormant for a few years I managed to snap it up for a good price!

Here's the bike when I first got it! 82' Honda FT500 Ascot.

The goal is to completely restore the bike and make some 'tasteful' modifications to the look. I am building it as a father-son project with the old boy, who is a classic bike enthusiast and loves the quirky FT.

First thing we did was a complete strip down. The whole bike was put in labelled bags (learnt a big lesson here - label EVERYTHING) and frame sent off for a grit blast and fresh powder coat, along with any other parts that will be black.

Next was the wheels. We wanted to keep the black and alloy look they already had and after a bloody long time taping them up they got a nice new coat of paint, along with a polish!

Here's how we painted them

And here's the finished product! Very happy with the result!

I've also read heaps of posts from this website and will be performing the Ascot 'essentials' when the time comes.

Swingarm was installed, all new bearings and a good greasing.

The front end came together next. Polished a few pieces here and there to clean it up and added a set of gators. Steering head also got some nice new tapered rollers. We will be replacing all bearings and seals throughout the rebuild.

Here are the triple trees. Painted the bottom one, gave the top one a sandblast and a polish.

Fork stanchions. Went a bit crazy with the polishing...

Just a shot of all the gear fresh from the powder coater!

One question, what tyre sizes does everyone like to run? The bike will be ridden on road only. I wanted to get Avon Roadriders but they're a little hard to come by down here so I'm going with the Bridgestone Battlax instead. I got rid of the tyres it had when I got it and I can't remember what size they were.

Picked up some new boots for the bike this week.

Got a Bridgestone Battlax BT-45 front from a mate for a good price, bought the rear from a local shop.

Here's the tyres on the wheels. Front is 100/90/19. Rear is 130/80/18.

Did a mock-up with the fairings and wheels on.

Next job is the first round of zinc-plating. I'll be plating the nuts and bolts required to assemble the front and rear end.

First round of zinc plating complete. With these pieces done I can mostly finish assembling the front and rear end.

Firstly I sandblasted the bits I would be zincing. Then we gave the parts that would be visible a quick polish (heads of bolts, nuts). Doing this before zincing gives them a bright finish.

Here's a quick before shot

Here's the finished product!

This is the setup we used.

There's still heaps of zincing to do. Next will be the engine mounting bolts so I can get it into the frame!

Here's the engine at the moment!

Haven't done much in the last few weeks!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Managed to get some time for a quick tinker, assembled the front wheel and hub (minus caliper). Had a play with a few sets of handlebars we had lying around, stock definitely looks and feels the best. Here's a picture!

Another round of zincing planned for early next week then the engine can go in!


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