Author Topic: 1984 Honda Ascot VT500 - rides, needs a little work - $600 (Seattle)  (Read 3133 times)


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It starts, idles, and rides, but it needs a little work before it can be ridden regularly. I purchased this bike last summer, but a few days after it became mine, the engine wouldn't turn over. Got it checked at Dave's excellent Seattle Used Bike in Fremont and found that the starter motor had died. I didn't get the starter work done, but got new rear brake pads, had the throttle adjusted, and straightened the left foot peg. At home, I replaced the starter, but upon reassembly, I overtightened an exhaust bolt and broke the exhaust manifold. I tried to JB weld it, but it didn't hold. If you're handy with motorcycles this would probably be an easy fix with a new head off eBay (or weld it yourself), or for about the price of the bike you could get the work done at a shop. I also found that the muffler connector gaskets need to be replaced, as they've crumbled and the grease I used to reconnect the muffler assembly isn't rated for high temperatures. It also needs new rear blinkers, which I have. Also comes with original mirrors and a windshield.

For the time I did ride it, it was a fun first bike, very manageable but also quick when you wanted it. It has an upright seating position that's between a sport and a touring ride. Would be a good first bike for people who want to skip the smaller engines, or someone who wants something they can take around town and then throw through curves outside city limits.