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"THE ONE" Motorcycle Show...

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 Turbo Kawi.

CBX anyone?

This is just a small sampling of what the show has to offer. There are all kinds of bikes represented in one form or another from stock restorations to wild customs, a Bonneville type of stream-liner & a few rat-bikes. It's not a bad show at all.


Looks like a really cool show J. I've had the chance to see one of those Z1T kawi's before and even got to throw a leg over it. What a scary bike.

Here's a pic of the turbo-charged VT500 & here's another link with more info: http://imgur.com/a/2JpRC
According to the builder, the bike is running 8 lbs. of boost & is fuel injected. They have calculated an approximate of 80 horsepower. I'd like to ride it on my favorite back road. ;D


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