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Anyone Out Riding This Time Of Year?

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That bike looks like fun! Do you plan to make it street legal? Do you know if a larger XR engine will fit in your frame?

I know what you mean about small bikes. I bought a Honda MB5 (50cc, 2-stroke with 5 speed) to use as a trainer for my G/F. It's huge fun!


I finally got mine on the road yesterday. ... rode it then and today. The bike is everything i need as it's my commuter/ joy ride bike. Yesterday my buddies XT600 snapped the throttle cable right in his driveway, hopefully he gets it back together soon.

She has a bit of a flat spot around 3/4 - WOT.. I'll have to get a plug reading I'm not entirely sure with my jetting where the mixture screw should be set ..... might even be the petcock not flowing as much as she is drinking, she is after all a big single. I'll have to get my go-pro charged up and get up the mountain road one of these days.

I took my bike out for a ride last week, then started tearing it apart to fix an oil leak between the head and the head cover, and to swap in a White Bros cam while I was at it. ;D

Took a ride today ..... up county route 52 in NewYork state in Ulster county. So nice out .... and finally no rain for a few days.


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