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Honda FT500 Service Manuals


Here is a listing that I found for Honda service manuals at a decent price:

Of course there is always eBay. That's where I found mine, but I paid around $50 for it.

Good luck


For anyone else in UK (or EU?) thinking of ordering it, it's $200 by the time they've finished with handling and postage costs!! Just posting to save you clicking all the way thru the form.

Back to eBay for me!

Ta for the post though, always useful to have the shop manual.

I wonder if a kinko's would throw a fit if I went in with mine and made a pdf?

Greetings forum - I've just bought the dream bike of my youth a 1982 FT500 Ascot.
Unfortunately it's in a big pile of parts.
Looking for a PDF of the manual - anyone got one they would care to share?
I've found a few schmatic diagrams but no manual.

Thanks SirMadam  :)

Do yourself a favor & purchase a hard copy of an approved Honda Service Manual.

It will provide all the information & schematics you will need. Plus you can rest assured that the information is most likely to be correct & accurate.



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